Outside Plant Technician – (TR-OSP)

The Fiber Optic Outside Plant Technician course is similar to the Fiber Optic Technician (TR-FOT) course in that it is designed for workers with fundamental fiber optic knowledge or Installer Certification.  It focuses specifically on outside plant installations (OSP). OSP includes communications such as building to building or long haul telecommunications (including customer-owned OSP.)

Emphasis is on single mode fiber optic installation and the associated international standards, theory, and practices. This specialized course is a must for any OSP professional. This course also includes an overview of FTTx (“Fiber to the x”) applications (but there is another course specifically for FTTx specialists – (TR-FTTX).

“After completing the Installer Course, I decided to pursue my Outside Plant Technician training. As always, it was a great experience. The instructors REALLY know their stuff and it’s obvious they’ve spent time in the field. I will definitely be returning to The Fiber School for all of my future training.”  -Steve Cramer

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