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Fiber Optic Products

FiberOptic.com provides fiber optic splicing equipment and tools.

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Core Alignment, Active Cladding Alignment, Ribbon/Mass, and More.
OTDR Mainframes & Modules, Handheld OTDRs, Built-in Capabilities
Inspection Scopes & Tips with options for built-in WIFI, data storage and more.

Optical Power Meters

Fiber Optic Products - Optical Power Meters

Precision Rated Optics offers power meter options with or without data storage, Designed for LAN, WAN, Cable TV, as well as long-distance optical networks.

Optical Light Sources

Fiber Optic Products - Optical Light Sources

Precision Rated Optics offers a full range of light sources for testing single-mode and/or multimode fiber networks in conjunction with an Optical Power Meter.

Go-Kit® Cleaning Kits

Fiber Optic Products - Go-Kit Cleaning Kits

Precision Rated Optics cleaning kits are an affordable, high-quality line of fiber optic cleaning materials. Remember, dirt leads to nearly 80% of all optical failures!